Michael C. Strouse, Ph.D.

Mike Strouse is the president and CEO of Community Living Opportunities, Inc. (CLO); iLink Support Technologies; the Neighborhood Network; and The Strouse Group, Inc. He holds a courtesy faculty appointment in the Department of Applied Behavioral Science at the University of Kansas, where he earned his master's and doctorate degrees in developmental and child psychology. He participates in research and assists with the supervision and training of graduate students.

Dr. Strouse's three-plus decades of work encompasses research, development, refinement and dissemination of evidence-based, nationally regarded community service models that consistently produce high quality-of-life outcomes for adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Dissemination efforts have included leading or consulting on numerous national institutional closure projects.

Dr. Strouse's leadership is widely sought by private corporations, cities, and state governments, as well as individuals and families, in driving best-practice and emerging technologies for models supporting dependent and semi-independent populations in the community.

Lauren Vohland

Lauren Vohland

Lauren Vohland, MA
Senior Vice President, Kansas Operations

Lauren Vohland holds a master's degree in public administration and has been employed with CLO since 2011. She has extensive knowledge of nonprofit operations and expertise in project management. Under the direction of Dr. Michael Strouse, she has assisted in the planning, implementation and operations of multiple projects related to marketing, fundraising, grants, property development, management and compliance, iLink Support Technologies, the therapeutic riding program at CLO's Midnight Farm, and various dissemination projects.

Jeanne Taylor

Jeanne Taylor

Steve Floyd, MBA
Senior Vice President, Finance and Business Services

Steve Floyd has provided financial analysis and account systems development and support at CLO for more than 20 years.  He has more than 30 years of non-profit sector experience in general accounting operations, payroll, financial systems development, financial management and reporting, staff management and information systems management.


Yolanda Hargett
Senior Vice President, Neighborhood Network Services

Yolanda has held leadership positions in nearly every facet of CLO’s community-based services and programs, including health services, behavioral consultation, human resources, marketing and more. Yolanda has 37 years of experience in the field, a Bachelor’s in Special Education, and two years of graduate work with the University of Kansas Applied Behavioral Analysis program.

Todd Elmquist

Todd Elmquist

Kristen Kunze, MA
Executive Director, Johnson County Montessori School & North Star Academy

Kristen has spent the last 11 years in the early childhood and early childhood special education field.  She has served many roles in a variety of early childhood classrooms - including serving as a teacher in an elementary school-based preschool classroom, an inclusionary early childhood special education classroom, and an early childhood special education classroom that served the intensive and behavioral needs of children on the autism spectrum. Kristen has also helped to support the early childhood teachers in a local school district by developing individualized programming for children with intensive learning and behavioral needs, creating professional learning opportunities, and modeling best practice strategies for classroom teachers and staff. She has her master's degree in Early Childhood Unified and is currently pursuing an Education Specialist degree in Education Leadership.