Mondays on the Move!
Monday 10 – 2:30
We will be spending Mondays exploring and experiencing the city around us. From picnics at the park, to Crown Center, each week we will visit a new location. Please pack a sack lunch that does not need to be heated. For a list of trips and activities please contact kellifisher@clokan.org
Tuesday 10-10:45
Come work on relaxation, meditation, and flexibility. A very gentle and restorative yoga that is suitable for almost all abilities.
Lunch Bunch Meal Prep
Tuesday 11-11:45
Come out and spend quality time in the kitchen!  Everyone loves a good home cooked meal!
Rock the Catwalk
Tuesday – 1:00 PM
Tie dye, jewelry, hats, and more! Each week we will create a new piece of our ensemble. We will our session with a catwalk and fashion show to show off our outfits!
Tuesday  2–2:45
Love to sing and be the center of attention? Karaoke is a great way to build some confidence and to express yourself!
(GTC) Green Thumb Club  
Wednesday 10-10:45, Thursday 10-10:45, Friday 10-10:45
The Green house is in FULL BLOOM this time of year!  We will be working on basic skills of planting, potting, watering, and watching plants grow.
Nature Exploration
Wednesday 11-11:45
We will spend the first half of each class learning about native animals, insects, plants, and trees. We will then explore outside to find and analyze the objects we have learned about.
Movie Cinema
Wednesday 1-3
Join us for a relaxing movie with friends. Feel free to suggest what this week’s movie should be!
Fitness Games
Thursday 10:00 AM
Let’s get healthy and have fun at the same time! We will be playing kickball, running obstacle courses, and having fun!
Creative Arts
Thursday 1-1:45
Paint, Crafts, and Creativity. Each week we will make a new project to discover our inner artist
Community Love
Thursday 2:30
We will learn how we can serve others in our community. As a group we will plan and execute community service projects to help make a difference in our community.
Picnic in the Park
Friday 11-1
Bring a sack lunch and join us for a picnic! We will visit a different park each week.
Animal Visits
Friday 1-1:45
Our Funny, Furry, and Friendly pals need your attention!  Come visit us!
DIY Gifts
Friday 2-2:30
The holiday season is quickly approaching! We will make homemade items over the next few months and will package and send them home at the end of the session.
Petting Paddock is open 9-3 on Mon-Fri
Stables are available for tour when riding is not in session

You can download the full schedule HERE