For more than 40 years, CLO has worked to make a meaningful difference for adults and children with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD). Our greatest needs are to provide highly enriching services more affordably and to find more effective ways to allow people to live as safely and independently as possible. Waiting lists for services continue to grow exponentially. This is driven by increases in autism rates, aging parents and caregivers, including baby boom retirement, and advances in medical care and life expectancy. 

Direct care labor costs are high and are rising at an unprecedented rate. As a result, community services for persons with intellectual disabilities will have less money, yet cost for services will increase dramatically to meet rising labor costs. Unfortunately, traditional approaches to providing support simply won’t work any longer to solve this problem. Group homes, in-home staffing, and typical day services rely heavily on shift staff to be ever present for needs that ebb and flow. These approaches to care are costly, do not harness natural and volunteer supports, and employ a workforce that is well documented to be highly unstable.

While the demand for and cost of services grow rapidly, funding from state and federal sources have remained stagnant for a decade. CLO has worked hard to provide more support, for less cost, than ever before. We continue to find innovative ways to provide services of the highest quality for special needs adults, children, and families.  
We ask you to support the in-demand services of CLO so we may continue to support our consumers with the highest standard of care, as well as reach out to new individuals that are in need of our programs. If you would like to send a check, please mail it to: Donor Services, P.O. Box 14395; Lenexa, Kansas, 66285-4395.

Thank you for supporting CLO and the people we serve!