”Amazing place to work with even better people.” - Travis Stoner‪  

”A very rewarding job.” - Kelly Watts

”I loved working at CLO!” - Beth Nichols

”Loved working at CLO when I did. I miss it.” - Dawn Robbins

”I love this job!” - Letti Oliver

”CLO owns the Johnson County Montessori, where I sub and taught years ago. It's a great company to work for.” - Julia Knickerbocker

”I work for CLO in Lawrence and I love my job.” - Brandie Roberts

”This is a great company to work for in Lawrence. I used to work for them and they are an awesome company.” -  Brandon Smith

”Great organization! I wish everyone had the opportunity to live as independent a life as they possibly could.” - Cindy West 

”I used to work there. It is a great job.” - Jon Spencer Albert